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10 Reasons to Visit Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Welcome to Hong Kong’s first theme park, and one of Asia’s best. Ocean Park is a fantastic day out for families, friends, and even solo travellers! It’s easy to spend hours on thrilling rides, dolphin shows, panda enclosures, and more.

With the Hong Kong Tourist Pass, visitors can enjoy fast access to all rides. This is a fantastic feature of the HKTP, which means you won’t find yourself waiting an hour for a 2-minute ride!

The Cable Car

The Ocean Park Cable Car is Hong Kong’s second longest outdoor escalator system. Connecting the two areas of the park (The Waterfront and The Summit), this cable car ride is guaranteed to wow visitors every time, as the ride passes over high mountains, with stunning views of the South China Sea below.

The Mine Train

Probably the most famous ride in the park, the Mine Train is a rickety, fast rollercoaster that also gives you seconds of exhilarating views above the South China Sea before plummeting riders back to ground level. Don’t leave the park before trying this!

The Giant Pandas

Hong Kong’s famous giant pandas - Ying Ying and Le Le - are no doubt one of the cuddliest attractions in the park. Great for families with kids, this attraction aims to create awareness of the panda’s endangered habitat and conservation practices.

The Ocean Express

An alternative to the cable car, this train through the mountains takes a fraction of the time to connect visitors between both areas. The 3 minute ride is themed as a submarine ride, complete with audio and visual effects. We recommend you to take the Ocean Express up to the Summit, and then the Cable Car on your way out.

Ocean Theater

Watch dolphins and sea lions perform tricks with their trainers at the Ocean Theater, which runs shows several times a day. Be sure to go early to get seats down at the front!

Wet Rides

Whether it’s The Rapids that takes you through an authentic rainforest exploration, or The Raging River that slowly ascends before plummeting into the water below, you’re bound to enjoy Ocean Park’s popular water attractions. Just remember to bring a towel and a change of clothes!

Hair Raiser

With 4G force, this bottomless ride is bound to satiate all thrill seekers with its rapid loops and inversions, all the while suspending you above the South China Sea. A must-do at Ocean Park for those with stronger stomachs!

The Grand Aquarium

This multistorey aquarium is home to 5000 fish from 400 different species, including sharks, jellyfish and stingray. Tip: Go well before the sun starts to set! The sunlight shining through creates excellent visibility.

Ocean Park Tower

Exhilarating, tummy-turning rollercoasters not your cup of tea? No problem! You can still enjoy breathtaking vistas of the South China Sea at the Ocean Park Tower - a rotating platform 200 meters above sea level, offering 360 degree views. This is especially great for families with small children.

Priority Access

With the Hong Kong Tourist Pass, say goodbye to queuing in lines for an hour only to realize the ride is only a couple of minutes long. The HKTP features fast access to all rides and attractions in this theme park, so you can make the most of your trip without worrying about time limits.

Getting There

Thanks to the MTR, visitors no longer need to fret about getting to the theme park. Ocean Park is located in the South of Hong Kong Island, on the South Island (green) line. Just a couple of stops from Central, Ocean Park is now a very short journey on the MTR. Get off at the Ocean Park stop, which is at the entrance of the park. The park is open everyday at 10am, and closes at 6pm on weekdays, and 7pm on weekends.

Whether you’ve got a week or only 3 days in Hong Kong, Ocean Park is one of the must-do attractions in Hong Kong. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that Hong Kong Tourist Pass and have a fabulous, fun day at Ocean Park!

To know more about Ocean Park: Visit Ocean Park's Official Website

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