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A Spiritual and Panoramic Day Trip to Ngong Ping Village

Ask a local what a must-do attraction in Hong Kong is, and chances are they’ll say you’ve got to visit the Tian Tan Buddha at Lantau Island – no trip to Hong Kong would be complete before seeing it. Standing tall and magnificently, to get here visitors must climb 268 steps, but the view is absolutely worth it

With the Hong Kong Tourist Pass, holders can enjoy a hassle-free journey to get here. The HKTP enables visitors to skip the long lines and enjoy fast access to the cable car service that brings visitors up to to Ngong Ping Village. Spend a day immersing yourself in culture, history and spirituality. This day trip is perfect for any kind of traveler – business, family, friends, or solo.

Ngong Ping 360

This is the gondola lift that brings visitors from the MTR station to the village. HKTP holders will be granted fast access to the gondola ride so you won’t waste time standing in long lines. This is a 25 minute ride over 5.7km - the longest bi-cable ropeway in Asia! No Hong Kong itinerary would be complete without riding on the Ngong Ping cable car. Visitors will be in awe of the stunning, panoramic views of the South China Sea and the mountains of Lantau Island, as the gondola gradually takes visitors from the compact, city areas out into the mountainous terrain. Visitors will be able to see all over the island, as well as the airport, and the Big Buddha waiting up in the village.

Ngong Ping Village

The village consists of the 111-year-old Po Lin Monastery, the spiritually enlightening Wisdom Path, and several dining and souvenir shopping options. Visitors can spend a 3-4 hours exploring Ngong Ping Village.

Tian Tan Buddha

Do make the climb up those 268 steps to the majestic Big Buddha - the tallest outdoor statue of a seated Buddha in the world. The view of Lantau Island and the surrounding South China Sea is even better from up here.

Wisdom Path

Located near the Tian Tan Buddha, the spiritual Wisdom Path is made of 38 huge wooden steles, and it is a short, pleasant walk around them. The steles are adorned with Chinese calligraphy. Cool fact: the steles are arranged in the pattern of an infinity sign!

Po Lin Monastery

Right next to the Tian Tan Buddha is the incredibly important Po Lin Monastery, a must for Buddhists as well as anyone interested in Hong Kong’s heritage and culture. This is the largest Buddhist temple in Hong Kong, and inside the pedestal, visitors can explore a variety of Buddhist relics. Visitors can also try traditional vegetarian dishes and tea that are meant to enlighten the mind and body.

Getting There

Use the HKTP to avail unlimited rides on the MTR. From Central, take the Tung Chung (yellow) line to the Tung Chung Station, Exit B. It’s a 40 minute ride with no train changing involved. At the station you’ll find the lower Ngong Ping Cable Car terminal, that takes visitors to the picturesque Ngong Ping Village, Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha

Convinced that you’ve gotta visit Ngong Ping? We think so! Consider picking up a Hong Kong Tourist Pass to make your day trip easy and efficient. Ngong Ping is one of the top places to see in Hong Kong, even if you’ve only got a couple of days. Irrespective of which plan you’re on, the 3, 5, or 7 day pass, you’ll still get fast access to the Ngong Ping 360 line as well as several other Hong Kong Top 10 attractions.

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