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Breathtaking Vistas from Victoria Peak

If there is only one thing you can fit into your Hong Kong itinerary, it would have to be The Peak. Victoria Peak is one of the oldest and most famous attractions in Hong Kong. Thanks to easy accessibility and its spectacular views, the peak is a popular place to visit for locals and tourists alike.

The Peak Tram

One of the best ways to get to the Peak is via the Peak Tram – a slow, vintage train that slowly moves up the mountain, giving visitors plenty of time to admire the view and take beautiful photos. The tram is a 7-minute ride and is actually the quickest way to the Peak, but given its popularity, sometimes waiting times can go up to 2 hours. To get around this, visitors can purchase the Hong Kong Tourist Pass, which gives holders fast access to the Tram, and other top attractions in the city.

The Peak

This is the highest point on Hong Kong Island, so this is the place to be to get magnificent views of the city. You know all those great photographs you see when you type in ‘Hong Kong’ on Google Images? This is it! And you don’t even have to be a professional photographer - you’re still guaranteed to get a fantastic, Instagram-worthy shot of the city from Victoria Peak. With the mountains in the foreground framing the numerous glowing skyscrapers, it’s no wonder why this place is permanently crowded. Visitors can observe an extensive area of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbour, as well as the Kowloon seaside.

Madame Tussauds

The world-famous wax museum is a fun activity for large groups and families with small children. Spend some time wandering around and taking photos with local and international celebrities.

Sky Terrace 428

The Sky Terrace 428 is an even higher viewing platform - the highest outdoor viewing platform in Hong Kong, to be precise - and it is open to visitors for a fee. For Hong Kong Tourist Pass holders, the Sky Terrace 428 is included in the package, meaning you get fast and access without having to pay extra. The viewing deck is a great place for photos without having to battle other visitors for a prime spot to take your selfie!

The Peak Circle Walk

For those that have a little more time on their hands, the Peak Circle Walk is a must. This is a pleasant walk around the Peak, 3.5 kilometers long, that has different views on all sides, all beautiful. It’s suitable for travelers of all ages!

Shopping & Dining

The Peak Tower is the shopping complex at Victoria Peak. It has a variety of niche stores for souvenir shopping, as well as a variety of themed dining options. The Bubba Gump Restaurant based off the movie Forrest Gump is located at the mall. All these places offer spectacular views.

Priority Pass

The Hong Kong Tourist Pass is the package to have whether you’ve got a week or just 3 days in Hong Kong. Offering unlimited rides on public transport, as well as fast access to the top Hong Kong tourist attractions, including Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds, and Sky Terrace 428, this pass has got visitors covered for an easy and efficient trip so you can maximize your time. There won’t be any waiting in lines that is every traveller’s nightmare!

Things to Know Before You Go

The best time to go is undoubtedly at sunset, when the sky is painted with an orange/pink hue, or at night, when the city is bathed in the navy sky and visitors can view the fiery bronze lights emanating from the skyscrapers. This is Asia’s world city, and this is the moment that catches most travelers.

Get to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus by taking Bus 15C from Central Pier 8. Alternatively, if you’re coming into Central, take the J2 Exit and walk to the Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road.

The Peak Tram operates daily from 7am to midnight.

Do take into account the weather. If it’s a polluted day or there’s fog in the air, the view at the Peak will be obscured and you’ll be disappointed. Check the weather before you go.

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