• Noah's Ark

Fun Learning at Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is a relatively new tourist attraction and park aimed at families with younger children. This theme park is an educational feature and a huge landmark in Hong Kong. Located on Ma Wan Island on the edge of the waterfront, Noah’s Ark is built on the themes of nature, art, education and love. As the world’s first full-size simulation of Noah’s Ark, the park is great for kids and adults to learn something new.

The ark contains life-size sculptures of 67 exotic animals, birds and creatures. There are small reptiles for children to observe, as well as outdoor activities including an obstacle course and climbing. The park also has a resort built on the top floor of the ark should visitors want to stay over, with a view of the famous Tsing Ma Bridge – the world’s longest suspension bridge.

Apart from its focus on the Biblical Ark, the park also explores the history and culture of Ma Wan. The park is a combination of education and entertainment and aims at promoting family values, positivity and Christian awareness.

Ark Garden

This is where the 67 pairs of animal replicas are, depicted leaving the ark. Get the camera out to snap your kids with their favourite animals!

Ark Expo

This is a multimedia experience that has a 180 degree widescreen theater, and exhibitions to promote awareness about the earth’s challenges. Catch a short film about how the flood could have occurred at the theater, and check out all the life-size ark models!

Treasure House

This is where the fun lies! At the Treasure House, children can learn via liberal learning. There are 15 interactive games that will allow children to learn something new.

Solar Tower

Visitors can learn about everything happening on the surface of the Sun in real time, thanks to one of the largest professional vacuum solar telescopes in the entire South East Asia. Learn about the universe here, and catch short documentaries on astronomy and our solar system.

Nature Garden - Ma Wan Park

Learn about the heritage and history of Ma Wan here. Native trees are preserved, and the garden paths were laid along natural landscapes. There are exhibits of the relics found at Ma Wan, as well as the windmill station.

Ark Life Education House

Experience the importance of cherishing our life and our responsibilities.

Noah’s Adventureland

The outdoor activities are all here. There’s a Giant Swing, a 3D Giant Ladder, a rope course and more climbing games.

Things to Know Before You Go

Noah’s Ark is located at 33 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan.

The park is open everyday from 10am - 6pm.

Get here via a 25-minute ferry from Central Pier 2 (Central MTR Station) to Park Island, or take the MTR to Tsing Yi Station, then transfer to bus NR330 that goes to Park Island. Taking the ferry is the quickest route, but do take a look at the ferry schedule beforehand.

Plan to spend 2-4 hours there. You can consider combining it with a visit to Ngong Ping, which is nearby on Lantau Island.

Purchase the Hong Kong Tourist Pass, which offers holders unlimited rides on public transportation, and includes admission and priority access to the most popular places to visit in Hong Kong - including Noah’s Ark and Ngong Ping.

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