• Sky Terrace 428

Sky Terrace 428 at The Peak

The Sky Terrace 428 is the highest outdoor viewing platform in the city and is located at the Peak Tower of Victoria Peak, one of the best places to visit in Hong Kong. For regular travellers, getting here means paying a fee. For the savvy traveller, purchase the Hong Kong Tourist Pass, which gives holders inclusive and fast access to the top attractions in Hong Kong, including the Peak Tram and Sky Terrace 428, to help you get the most out of your precious time in Asia’s world city.

At 428 meters above sea level, the viewing deck is a great place to take photos without having to battle other visitors for a prime spot to take your selfie, and the city lies in unobstructed view here. With 360 degree views, the panoramic vista is bound to impress everyone who visits.

Getting to Victoria Peak

The fastest way to the Peak is also the most picturesque, making it one of the most popular Hong Kong tourist spots. But the lines make it every traveller’s worst nightmare - sometimes in the afternoons, the waiting time can go up to two hours. That shouldn’t discourage you from visiting, though! Just pick up the Hong Kong Tourist Pass, which will let holders beat the queues and board the tram directly. The Pass also includes admission to Madame Tussauds and Sky Terrace 428 - both of which are located at the Peak.

Get to the Peak Tram Lower Terminus by taking Bus 15C from Central Pier 8. Alternatively, if you’re coming into Central, take the J2 Exit and walk to the Peak Tram Terminus on Garden Road. The Peak Tram operates daily from 7am to midnight

Things to Know Before You Go

Sky Terrace 428 is open daily, from 10am - 11pm on Monday - Friday, and 8am - 11pm on weekends and public holidays.

The best way to enjoy Victoria Peak is to purchase the HKTP, to avail priority access so you and your group won’t need to wait in any lines just to purchase a ticket.

Go anytime. During the day, the city will be sparkling bright under the blue skies. At sunset visitors will be in awe of the pink and orange hues, and at night, the skyscrapers will make the city feel like it’s on fire. Do remember to take a light jacket if you go at night - it’ll be cooler and windy.

Check the weather before you go. It’s better to wait for a day when it’s sunny and clear. If it’s foggy or the air quality is bad, you might be up for a disappointment when you reach the Peak and everything is covered by fog.

What else should I do at the Peak?

Madame Tussauds - the internationally renowned museum featuring startlingly real wax replicas of famous politicians like Barack Obama, and celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, and Michael Jackson. An hour in here should be good enough to explore the ten different zones and take cool photos. Admission to Madame Tussauds is included in the Hong Kong Tourist Pass.

The Peak Circle Walk - For those that have a little more time on their hands, the Peak Circle Walk is a must. This is a pleasant walk around the Peak, 3.5 kilometers long, that has different views on all sides, all beautiful. It’s suitable for travelers of all ages!

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