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With the MTR being the most efficient, time-saving and modern way to get around Hong Kong, it comes as no surprise that many of Hong Kong’s iconic attractions are just a few minutes walk from a given station. Make the most of your time in Hong Kong with the Unlimited MTR Pass.

The Peak, Star Ferry, Lan Kwai Fong, and IFC Mall at Central Station

This is the station that will connect you to multiple attractions. If you want to cross the harbour, you can board the Star Ferry by alighting at Exit A, Central Station and following the directions to Pier 7. While you’re at the Piers, use the HKTP Museum Pass and check out the Hong Kong Maritime Museum to learn about Hong Kong’s rich trading history. The museum is open every day. Pier 9 is the one of the pick up points for the Aqua Luna Tour, with other pick ups at TST, Hung Hom, and Wan Chai piers.

Ten minutes from Exit J2 lies the Peak Tram Terminal. Use the HKTP to enjoy exclusive fast access to the Peak Tram and Sky Terrace 428, where you can enjoy the breathtaking views from Victoria Peak. Your HKTP also offers fast access at Madam Tussauds, so head over and, take photos with wax-figure celebrities!

For nightlife, Lan Kwai Fong is where all the action is. It’s a short walk away from Exit D2, and nearby is Wellington Street, a street full of new, trendy restaurants and cafes. IFC Mall is accessible from Exit A.

Museums at Tsim Sha Tsui Station

Another action-packed station, TST is where you’ll find lots of shopping, dining, and museums. Use your HKTP Museum Pass to get your dose of culture and history at the Hong Kong Museum of History, which lies 7 minutes from the D2 exit. It’s closed on Tuesdays. Just 5 minutes away is the Hong Kong Science Museum, one of the top museums in Hong Kong and arguably the most interactive one. It’s a great way to entertain families with kids. This museum is closed on Thursdays.

Shopping and Dining in Causeway Bay, Jordan, and Mong Kok

Causeway Bay, on the Island line is where the mega-mall Times Square is, and is a great area to shop and dine. Also head to the popular Temple Street (Jordan) and Ladies Market (Mong Kok). Both great options for quirky gifts, low-priced clothes, and fantastic dining options that are better on the wallet. Remember to haggle, and look around before buying.

Ocean Park, Light Green Line

This line is the newest addition to the MTR, connecting the South side of Hong Kong Island to the rest of the city. Included on this line is a direct MTR stop at Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s best theme park, only 15 minutes away from Central Station. Definitely a must-do in your trip to Hong Kong, and even better - your HKTP will give you fast access, so say goodbye to waiting in long lines for a ride!

Disneyland Resort

A 50 minute ride on the MTR will bring you to Disneyland, another great theme park for families. With the HKTP, you can enjoy exclusive fast access to rides and attractions. Take the Tung Chung line from Central and change trains at Sunny Bay Station.

Sky 100, Noah’s Ark, and Ngong Ping on the Yellow Line

Kowloon Station is 15 minutes away from the main island, and this is the place to enjoy million-dollar views of Hong Kong from above, at the Sky 100. Also be sure to stop at Tsing Yi Station, where the Park Island Bus takes you directly to Noah’s Ark - an educational and fun attraction for visitors to learn about nature. At Tung Chung Station you’ll find the Ngong Ping Cable Car terminal, that takes you to the picturesque Ngong Ping Village, Po Lin Monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha. The best part, though? With your HKTP, you can enjoy fast access to all these attractions!

Wetland Park

Take the Tung Chung line to Nam Cheong Station, and then change to the West Rail line to reach Tin Shui Wai Station. From there it is a short bus ride to reach the Wetland Park, a world-class facility of ecotourism and conservation. It’s closed on Tuesdays.

The Heritage Museum and More Shopping at Sha Tin Station

Sha Tin is the location of New Town Plaza, a huge mall with branded stores and restaurants. Ten minutes away from the station is the Heritage Museum. Perched on the Shing Mun River, this museum presents a mix of art, culture and history, and is a part of the HKTP Museum Pass. The museum is closed on Tuesdays.

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